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Learning, Teaching, Training Activities
ARTse in Action for SDG 6 and 9

This was the second LTTA meeting held in Finland, September, 2022. 5 students from Italy joined a group of students from Finland to learn about SDGs 6 and 9. The Maltese students were not able to attend for this LTTA due to unresolved regularisation issues linked to the change in the legal representative for GCHSS. During this week students became more aware of the problem of deforestation and the eventual reality of a landscape without forests. Two other topics tackled during this week were biodiversity: and clean water. Participating students from sending organisations were exposed to natural phenomena and conditions that contrast highly with the ones found in their countries. Students were exposed to cultural and historical values that form an integral part of Finnish life.

The Croatian business partner provided technical support related to the use of AR supported educational resources.

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