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Giovanni Curmi Higher Secondary School



Giovanni Curmi Higher Secondary School was established to offer post- compulsory education. The school caters primarily for those who want to further their education at tertiary level, to enter the job market and for re-training to change their career path. The school aims to provide further education through comprehensive development of student ability in a caring and learning environment. It also aims to provide second chance education leading to high academic achievement and the holistic development of the students’ learning.

We have lately taken this commitment to a higher level by offering a number of non-formal courses in parallel to our formal subject teaching. This will enable our school to provide recognised quality education for all our students based on two pillars: the academic formal aspect and the nonformal aspect. Last year a number of teachers from our school attended courses in Bologna, Italy and Lubljana, Slovenia and job-shadowing in France and Finland. Their positive experience further encourages us to continue the mobility programme, exploring other areas as we value that teachers play a critical role in enhancing the professionalism of educators and it also enhances the participation and motivation in classrooms.

As stated in the National Strategic Plan (2014), the education system has to seriously address the social and economic challenges posed by early school leavers. GCHSS feels that is has an important role to help tackle this issue; however this presupposes that our educators are empowered to address this problem though modern tools and resources. We therefore aim to create opportunities for our staff to network with other educators and share good practice in different and similar realities. To date, mobility projects involving students and teachers have taken place in Romania (conservation and sustainable development), UK (marketing, chemistry), Italy (marketing), Croatia, Finland and Portugal (diversity and stereotyping). The school has set up an international office made up of educators who believe in continuous professional development and with an interest in mobility projects to coordinate the process.

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