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AR Based Case Studies

A number of case studies have been developed. These are designed to present educators and learners with different scenarios to be used in both formal and self directed learning both on an individual basis and as part of a group. These resources address the thematic issues of:

a. Good health and well being - 5 case studies

b. Clean water and sanitation - 4 case studies

c. Affordable and clean energy - 3 case studies

d. Industry, innovation and infrastructure - 4 case studies

e. Sustainable cities and communities - 3 case studies

f. Responsible consumption and production - 4 case studies

These case studies demonstrate how to teach the different aspects of sustainable development education using a variety of learning resources in different learning environments.

Download Case Studies Book 
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Compilation of AR Based Case Studies supporting the teaching of SDGs (210 × 297mm).png
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