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Curriculum for Training Educators on AR in Sustainable Development

The objective of this intellectual output is to establish an educational theoretical framework for training educators on AR in Sustainable Development. The Curriculum framework focuses on the pedagogical relevance of using AR to provide a three dimensional educational experience on SDGs. This framework enables educators and learners to engage, explore and analyse specific sustainable goals through the use of AR assisted resources. It creates a paradigm shift in the approach to teaching and learning by focus on more interactive educational experiences that offer creative thinking and a deeper understanding of values, attitudes and ethics inherent in the world around us. The curriculum is aligned with AR supported educational resources on 6 SDGs created to assist educators in obtaining a deeper understanding of this new pedagogical tool.

This curriculum framework includes a series of modules for the curriculum content and a series of learning outcomes within each module. The modules have been developed in such a way that the AR related content to each SDG encourages educators to master a pedagogical skill that is very relevant to Gen Zers and Generation Alpha students. The learning outcomes are supported by learning materials which have been developed as a separate intellectual output within this project.

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